Great prices available on Xbox 360 in Ireland

Microsoft's Xbox 360 is a stunning piece of technology that has been bringing joy to gamers everywhere since its release in 2005. It's gone through plenty of different sizes and shapes, but one thing has remained the same, the outstanding value! That is true now, more than ever, as there are countless bargains available on the Xbox 360 right now.

The Xbox 360 is available in plenty of shops in Ireland, with even the likes of Dunnes Stores and Tesco getting in on the bandwagon. The average price you'll pay for the console right now is less than for Nintendo's 3DS handheld console. The Xbox 360 is retailing for 249.99 Euro for the 250 GB model, and 199.99 for the 4 GB model.

If you want to bundle the console with the Kinect add-on you can save money. The 4GB console is available with a Kinect sensor and Kinect Adventures for a bargain 299.99. With the 250GB model available in the same bundle for 370.00.

These are the prices you'll pay at retail for the Xbox 360 in Ireland, as the margins are so wafer thin for retailers on the console that they aren't able to go any lower. However, there are some options available to the consumer who is looking for a cheaper deal.

Second-hand retailer CEX has recently started opening stores in Ireland, with a flagship store having just opened on Dublin's Liffey St. They quality test the consoles they take in, so you can pick up a quality pre-owned console for around 100 Euro. Hard to beat!

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