Xbox 360 price cut this weekend

The Xbox 360 news just keeps on coming, doesn’t it? Yesterday it was all about the apparent certainty of an Xbox 360 Slim, and now Target, one of the USA’s biggest shops, have popped up adverts for the console which show a clear price drop from $300 to $250 for the pro, and a drop to $300 for the Elite.

Endgadget has predicted that these drops will take effect from this weekend, which is nice for the Yanks but of no use to any of us. Unless they do the same thing over here, of course.

‘We just received a pair of pics from “next week's” Target Ad,’ said the site. ‘As has been heavily rumored, the Xbox 360 60GB Pro system will be cut to $250 while the 120GB Elite will drop to $300. Knowing that Target's weekly ads run from Sunday to Saturday we fully expect to see the new pricing go into effect on Sunday the 30th.’

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