Check out the Xbox 360 Kinect!

The Xbox 360 Kinect was launched to massive fanfare last winter and is Microsoft's answer to the phenomenal success of the Nintendo Wii.

Casual gaming is a massive market these days, with companies increasingly chasing the income available from people with only a passing interest in the medium. This is reflected in the success of the previously mentioned Wii, as well as the Playstation Move peripheral and the new Kinect. These games are thoroughly enjoyable, especially when you have a whole group of friends over and turn it into a competitive event while having a drink or two.

The Kinect will allow you to play your games without the aid of a controller. In essence, you become the controller, directing affairs through your own gesticulations! The games industry needs to be constantly innovating to ensure that people remain interested in their products. This means that there are always exciting developments and the customer is sure to be stimulated. This new style of control lends itself perfectly to party games, as well as fitness games. As such, the initial line up for the add-on has been rich in multiplayer friendly throwaway titles.

The main criticism of the system so far seems to be its lack of flexibility for gaming's hardcore fanbase. The Kinect system does not lend itself to controlling an intricate first-person shooter, something which could prove a stumbling block in the long run.

The Xbox 360 Kinect will cost you in the region of £130, and comes bundled with a free game. Pick one up and experience the revolution today!

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