What will Xbox 360 Kinect price sale be this winter?

The Xbox 360 connect was hailed as a revolution in gaming technology and launched admidst a massive campaign in November 2011.

The secrecy that surrounded the development of the controller system which saw it being referred to by its code name, project "Natal" which refers to the re-birth of gaming, was because the Microsoft development team chose to send its system head to head with Sony Playsation's own controller free system named "Move".

Xbox and Microsoft are the real winners in this head to head fight with Kinect outselling the Playstation Move system by more than two and a half times, clearing over 10,000,000 units compared to the Playing Station Moves 4,000,000.

So with the 1 year anniversary coming just in time for the winter gaming period, traditionally one of the most significant times of the year for marketeers, what can the consumer expect to pay at the tills for a Kinect system to help them joins this revolution in gaming.

Microsoft has indicated that it will make a announcement regarding the future pricing of the Xbox 360 in June at the E3 Expo. With staff being hired for the development of the next generation of consoles we think we can expect to see a price drop in the bass price of Xbox 360s and also the cost of packaged Xbox 360s and Kinect systems.A price drop of about $50 or ?30 on the price of the systems would be in fitting with the pricing strategies that have been used before during the Xbox 360's life cycle.

So will these savings filter down to the xbox 360 kinect price sale? It is difficult to say but we feel that it will both on stand alone units and included in bundles with some of the most anticipated games for Kinect. During the short lived Xbox 360 HD DVD Player we saw several price adjustments in a very competitive market showing that Microsoft are quick to adjust prices and go toe to toe with competition.

Sony are expected to drop the price of their Move system and any price competition will be sure to spur Microsoft into action to maintain their dominance.

Finally with the upcoming games such as Kinect Star Wars and Rise of Nightmares in time for holidays 2011 we expect these flag ship games will attract very reasonable bundle recommended retails prices to ensure massive sales figures in what could be the final Christmas period for the Xbox 360. Again we can see another $40 or ?25 from the Xbox 360 Kinect sale price.

Everything rests on the June announcements so until then we recommend heading around to a friends house who has bought Xbox 360 Kinect at a sale price already. Clear the room. Close the curtains and swing your arms like mad till you can do it in the quiet comfort of your own home.

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