The Xbox 360 HDMI cable is picture perfect!

Ever since launching in the winter of 2005, the Xbox 360 has been at the forefront of stunning high definition graphics on home cosoles.

Games for the system have always looked the part, from Gears of War, all the way through to the recent Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Even though this venerable console has been around for quite a while now (almost six years), gamers are still getting sharper picture and sound from their machine, and it's all thanks to the wonderous Xbox 360 HDMI cable.

Simply put, this cable maximises the output of your machine, making it look as gorgeous as possible. This is how developers wanted you to see and hear their games.

In a somewhat bizarre move, the Xbox 360 launched without HDMI support. It is only through recent hardware revisions that the cable became the most optimum format for outputting video and audio.

Microsoft have released an official Xbox 360 HDMI cable, and it's worth picking up, provided it doesn't cost too much! Their official model is 6.5 foot long, and is of a durable build. Like all other HDMI cables, it's compatible with any other HDMI input, so you won't be restricted to just using it with the Xbox 360!

Obviously, there are still a number of different input options for the Xbox if you don't have a HDMI input on your television. We'd also heartily recommend using the official Xbox 360 VGA cable, as this is comparable in quality to the HDMI connection.

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