Xbox 360 games no longer have to be in HD

Microsoft has backtracked on one of the key rules that publishers had to adhere to if they wanted to make games for the Xbox 360; that games must run in HD 720p resolution.

Ostensibly bad sounding news for those of you who have huge HD tellies almost entirely for your gaming fun, David Jeffries from Black Rock, publishers of mental racing game Split Second, explain that it’s not that bad at all. Developers can now choose ‘to make the trade-off between resolution and image quality as we see fit’, which basically means that just because something isn’t in HD, the game won’t necessarily have a poorer image quality.

The key example of just this is Halo 3, which was one of the very rare exceptions to the 720p rule and ended up running with a better image quality. So don’t cry, big telly owners, your games will still look boss.

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