Our favourite xbox 360 games

There's a library of xbox 360 games out there, making your choice of which title to pick up next a difficult one! We all know about Call of Duty and Halo, so we decided to recommend a few hidden gems to help you pad out your collection!

We're going to start off with a quirky little game that may be a little offbeat for some. Beautiful Katamari is a Japanese title that endured undeserved low sales in the west thanks to, well, it's strangeness!

In this game, the King of the Cosmos has destroyed the galaxy during a game of tennis, and it's up to you as the young Prince to roll up as much junk as you can find to put it back together again. It sounds strange, but the game play is out of this world. We can't speak highly enough of it!

Our next unloved diamond is Earth Defence Force. This game is unashamedly old school, it's even got visuals that belong somewhere in the early 90's. The plot is simple, aliens are invading earth, and it's your task to ward off horde after horde in an old-school arcade third-person shoot em up.

Our final suggestion is Japanese hack and slasher Dynasty Warriors 6. This game comes from Japanese developer Koei, who has made a career from producing these historical hack and slash games with hundreds of enemies on screen at once! If you like a good brawler, with some tactics needed, then we suggest taking a gander at these old-but-awesome xbox 360 games!


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