We take a look at the Xbox 360 Elite spec

There have been many versions of the Xbox 360 made since its release back in 2005. Microsoft believe that the Xbox will continue to at least 2015. Since the release of the original core model, there have been a few more: the Pro, the Arcade, the Elite and the S model. Only the S model is still in production.

There were many hopes that the Xbox Elite would address many issues people had with the 360: the tremendously noisy drive, the unreliability, the comically large power pack, hard drive space and the lack of built in WiFi. The Elite didn’t address many of these issues, but did fix some and the Xbox 390 Elite spec is an improvement on previous models. It comes with two options for the hard disk drive - 120gb or 250gb, which is great for big gamers. However it doesn’t come with an easy way of transferring your items from the older model to the Elite.

The Xbox 360 Elite spec is lacking WiFi, which would have been a good addition to the console. The S model does have built in WiFi, but it should have come sooner with the Elite. The noisy hard drive is still there, and although it doesn’t seem like a big issue, compared with the running noise of the Wii and Playstation 3, Xbox really need to sort that out. The huge power pack isn’t an issue for many but if you have many things attached to your TV (media player, blu-ray player, surround sound, laptop, Xbox...) you don’t want a large power pack getting in the way.

Even without the built in WiFi, the noisy disk drive and the huge power pack, the Elite is still a great model of the 360. The large memory and picture quality makes it impressive and it is fighting back at the Playstation 3. There is still some fine tuning for the little issues but overall it is a great machine.


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