Xbox 360 Console 4gb - The console of choice

When people ask me what console they should buy its usually a good indication that they do not really care about games all that much and that they just want something to play every so often. A little bit more hardcore then a wii but not as pricey as a playstation.

The xbox 360 console 4gb fits this role perfectly. It merges both afordability and power and it can play everything the bigger 360 can in the same glistening high definition with full surround sound and of course internal wifi all for a fraction of the cost. When Microsoft announced the redesign of the xbox everyone was holding their breath to find out how much more expensive it would be. Staggeringly it released at the same price as the older console despite it being superior in almost everyway.

They also at that time announced the 4GB "budget" model which has the exact same features just a smaller hard drive. You can still play all the great games available for the 360, you can still watch all the netflix you like and enjoy the benefits of a premium Xbox Live gold account but if you do not require a massive hard drive top save games and store arcade games you can do it all on the cheap.

The Xbox 360 console 4gb is an excellent entry point into high definition gaming and is even fully compatible with kinect and with the new design will look great underneath your television.

So when people ask me what console they should get it is usually my first suggestion and with good reason.

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