Will the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 hold up?

<p>The Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 is not even going to come close to competing with the PC version. In fact Dice have said countless times that the PC version is the true version of this addition to the much loved series.</p>

<p>The Xbox is the little machine that could as far as the console war goes. Time and time again it does an incredible job of keeping up with the Playstation powerhouse. This really comes down to their online community.</p>

<p>It has taken Playstation years but they have finally taken all the great things from Xbox Live and incorporated them into the Playstation Network. This is a great thing for both consoles as it will push Microsoft and Sony to improve their online service and push for newer and better experiences.</p>

<p>The Playstation should get a pretty darn good version of Battlefield 3, it won't be up to a PC standard but it will be something special. The real question for Xbox fans is: Can the Xbox actually handle a good version?</p>

<p>In short, no, not really. After seeing so many great trailers for Battlefield 3 a lot of Xbox fans are going to be heart broken when they see that the Xbox version just isn't up to speed. The Xbox is starting to become dated.</p>

<p>The visuals are looking a little flat and  boring, the graphical tricks are a little familiar. Playstation have pushed forward with their machine this year but Xbox has no more to give. While Battlefield will still no doubt be an amazing release on the Xbox, expect a little disappointment at the realisation that it's time for Microsoft to add a new console to their arsenal if they want to keep up.</p>

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