Xbox 180

Rumours are currently pinging about the place that a new Xbox 360 is being design, after pictures emerged that allegedly showed the inside of a slimmed down version of the console, not at all copying the success that Sony have had with the PS3 Slim. Now, these are just internet rumours, and Microsoft will probably deny them, but then Sony did the same and still released the PS3, didn’t they?

The rumour (which comes from Kokatu, the link is broken right now but should be back up and running soon) also goes that testing on the new edition of the all-conquering console has even been completed in Japan, with the CPU and GPU both being in the same small chip, making it possible for it to be radically decreased in size. Which would only be a good thing, if you ask us.

Whether or not it’s true, the old girl could probably do with a bit of a makeover. As we look into the corner of the room, we can see its fading beauty, the marks, the scratches and the ever-present fear of the Red Ring Of Death. Hopefully if they do release a slimmer console it will be quieter, sleeker, less liable to break and crucially, cheaper than the current one. Fingers crossed eh?

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