X Factor plans Abba theme, ratings soar

Seems we can't get enough of X Factor. This weekend's ratings topped 9.5 million viewers while BBC1’s rival Strictly Come Dancing managed 8.6 million and figures don't look to be slowing. The show's judges have admitted in today's Sun that the Abba themed show planned for next week will be "car crash TV", but, according to Simon Cowell, it will be extremely funny.

WebTwitcher wonders what Abba’s Björn Ulvaeus will be thinking as he watches the horror unfold, as the show's producers have kindly invited him to witness the massacre. How kind.

Even the blogsphere is not safe from the clutches of the Factor. Check out X Factor Blog for the latest gossip (their RSS feed can been added to your MIX if you need updates straight on to your homepage.


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