Using www Wiifit to get fit!

Are you looking to get fit for the summer? Looking to drop a few pounds ahead of bikini season? If the idea of going along to a gym is slightly intimidating, then have you considered using the www Wiifit to improve your fitness, and get some all-important exercise in?

Since launching in 2008, the Wii Fit game and balance board has revolutionised gaming, bringing it to a completely new market, and putting the tired old cliche of video games as just being for couch potatoes firmly to bed. Men and Women everywhere have been taking their first steps to a new, healthy lifestyle, using Wii Fit.

The idea is simplicity itself. You put on the game and stand on the included Wii Fit Balance board. The game will then put you through your paces in a serious of aerobic exercises designed to improve your general fitness and well being.

After each session, the game will give you a fitness score based on how successful you were in completing the various exercises. Then the next day, you will try to beat those scores. As a tool to aid your fitness development it is brilliantly effective, as it gives you a tangible goal to work towards.

The good thing about the Wii Fit Balance board is that it is compatible with a host of other software too, so when your fitness has improved to the point where you're getting no benefit from Wii Fit, there are a wide variety of other more advanced fitness games available.

The one we recommend the most is EA Sports Active, which includes resistance bands as part of the package. It contains some more "advanced" fitness exercises than Wii Fit, so you can seamlessly keep your progress going.

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