Worst passwords ever

When you really think about the point of a password is makes so much sense to consider something complicated and hard to crack but the practicalities of remembering so many different passwords for your online accounts often leads people to keep things simple. But don’t make your password as simple as these guys have.


Worst passwords

The worst passwords of the year are the most obviously ones. Can you guess what’s at number 1? Yes, it’s that old favourite “1,2,3,4,5.” Try and work out what the second worst password you can use is. Got it, yet? Of course you have, as it’s “password.” Those two idiotically simple passwords have been the two worst passwords on the planet for several years now. Either people don’t update their passwords or more and more of us are using the most basic passwords.

Getting complicated

“Qwerty” is another password that’s high on the idiocy scale. It’s another favourite among those who can’t be bothered with passwords. If you’re an unimaginative football fan, why not use “football” as your password. No one will guess that when they pick up the smartphone you left in the pub after a few drinks whilst wearing your team’s latest shirt. Your online accounts will soon be raided and ruined. Good job.


We’re always told to mix numbers and letters together aren’t we? Your IT guy at work might even suggest the use of a symbol like the * or # as part of your password. The least imaginative of us who want to use letters and numbers together go for “abc123” which is 13th on the list of the year’s worst passwords. The other one on the list that grabs your attention is the use of “login” as a password. How lazy is that. The screen’s asking you to login so you say to yourself: “Hey, what’s my password? Oh yeah, it’s “login”.”

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