Worlds worst pick up lines, girl not guaranteed

So, you've been eyeing that girl/guy up for the last year on the bus/train but never said a word and need a hand. Or you may want a few practiced puns up your sleeve to increase your confidence in the pub. Or you may just want to learn a few pick up lines as part of a new extreme sport, to see how long you can last without getting a glass of wine down your favourite shirt or dodging a well aimed slap.

Whatever your motives, a visit to Lines That Are Good is a must - WebTwitcher's Monday morning favourite so far: "All those curves and me with no brakes". Classy!

Another online visit well worth the surf is the Pick up line Generator. Just enter the name of the object of your affections and let the generator do the rest. Find of the day however, has to be Stephen Hawking Chat Up Lines. Just select the line you'd like to use and the good professor will deliver it for you. If you know of any sites that provide chat up lines via RSS let me know. WebTwitcher is also curious to find out the worst lines that you've ever used / had used on you...


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