World’s worst crap-dget…

Just when you thought you’d seen the world’s most useless piece of gadgetry, along come the Deutschlanders and raise the bar.

A go-kart game in a metal briefcase. What is it? Well, it’s a really, really crummy version of Scalextric housed in a hit-man-style metal briefcase. So, if you’ve got absolutely nothing better to do, you can lug this ridiculous piece of kit with you to a meeting or party. And then you can play your cruddy game with your hugely underwhelmed friends who are likely never to speak to you again. And get this – it’s only around 600 euros. Cheap.

This one wins the crap-gadget world championships by a country mile. Nothing will ever beat its uselessness, unless someone invents an aquarium in a duvet cover, or a waffle-maker in the heel of a cowboy boot. Hold on a second, fellas, I’ve had an idea…

(Image: from SideLong’s flickr stream)

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