World without Internet in new South Park episode Over Logging

For many people the idea not being able to log on for even five minutes is enough to see them throw a wobbler. Imagine what it would be like if one day you woke up and there was no more access to the Internet.

That's the plot of the latest episode of South Park, 'Over Logging', which can be seen online here. The episode lampoons Internet addicts, parodying the era of the Great Depression portrayed by Steinbeck in the Grapes of Wrath.

Not able to deal with life without the Internet, Stan's family travel to an "Internet refugee itinerant camp" in California where people are only given forty seconds of Internet access per day. The comedy gold in the episode is provided by Stan's father and internet porn addict Randy.

Having become accustomed to finding anything that he wanted to whack off to with a single click, simple jazz mags no longer cut the mustard for Randy. He even tries a hilarious "Internet pornography simulator" in an attempt to lighten his load. In the end Randy sneaks in at night and uses the camp's computer on the sly to have a look at Japanese girls exchanging bodily fluids, she-males, bestiality and Brazilian fart fetish porn, finally releasing months of stored up liquid silk all over the shop.

The online reviews of 'Over Logging' from Internet addicts who take the Webnet way too seriously are even funnier than the South Park episode itself. This little chestnut in particular had us laughing out loud: "As someone who works with the Internet for his day job, I had some problems with the simplistic way that it was presented. The Internet is used for much more than shopping or e-mailing (or, indeed, porn). Entire industries rely on it." Enough said.

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