World of Warcraft sparks panda frenzy

World of Warcraft fans, who range from the obsessive to those who just spend a couple of hours a day with their characters, were reportedly a little worried about the latest expansion of the role-playing game.

The rumours were that WoW, as it is known, would be dumbing down in order to grab back some of the subscribers that the game has lost in recent months. Initial leaks of some of the details had alarmed hardcore players.

Their fears were quickly laid to rest. Mists of Pandaria might have featured cute panda-faced creatures, but their back story is drawn with the subtlety, attention to detail and creativity that has characterised WoW since its inception.

The new worlds have been created with the care and imagination that will make them a joy for players to immerse themselves in for months. The idea of playing as a panda monk might seem a little bizarre, but WoW’s creators know the importance of constantly offering new angles on the game.

As a game that is now eight years old, WoW still looks impressive. Mists of Pandaria has the most impressive looking environments in the game so far, ensuring that even if your quest isn’t quite going according to plan, you can still admire the scenery.

Creators Blizzard have streamlined the way players build a character, making it a little more user-friendly and balanced. Some long-time players have protested at this challenge to familiar gameplay mechanics, but most reviews have concluded that the tweaks are an improvement.

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