Where in the World Can you Buy Laptops on Clearance?

Comet is a European retail outlet that has over 248 stores. Another business unit includes the Comet online shopping site. The site offers a service where consumers can make purchases of products online through a reservation style system and come to the store to pick up their orders. There are many places in the world laptops clearance sales are available. Comet is one company that offers clearance sales of laptops and other electronics items at discount rates.

Acer AS-OD250

With luxurious color shade and great performance, the Acer Netbook can be a top choice for consumers who like style. This refurbished Netbook includes a battery that lasts up to 6 hours, 1 gigabyte of memory, and a 160 gigabyte hard drive. It features a webcam which is great for video calls and a built-in Wifi adapter. It uses an Intel Atom processor and the default operating system is Windows 7 Starter Edition. Prices start at £230.


Known for its durability, Toshiba laptops and Netbooks have been a prime choice for customers for many years. This laptop is a refurbished notebook that comes with a Windows 7 Premium Edition operating system. Also, the computer features an Intel Pentium Dual Core processor. It has 2 media card slots and includes a wireless network adapter which supports 802.11B wireless technology. Additionally, the computer can play and record DVD's andCD's. Pricing starts at £212.00.


This laptop is 15.6 inches and features an Intel Pentium Dual Core processor. This laptop comes with the latest Microsoft software. Additionally, it features the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system software. This product offers a 320 gigabyte hard drive. Save games, download files and perform multiple applications. Buyers will be able to multi-task given the 3 gigabytes of (RAM) random access memory. Pricing for this laptop starts at £329.00.




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