World domination continues

Don't have an iPhone? Don't have an Android phone? Want to get in on all these crazy 'apps' you've been hearing about? There's another way: the Chrome Web Store.

Google launched its app store for the Chrome browser last year, to general befuddlement. What's the point in installing 'applications' in a browser, which is itself an application, people wondered? Aren't these 'apps' just websites?

To which the answer is: well, sort of. Lots of Chrome OS 'apps' are just links to websites, it's true, but a few - like the popular TweetDeck for Chrome - use additional features Chrome offers to apps, like offline access. It's all a bit complicated. But suffice to say, making a Chrome app lets you do a bit more than you can with a website but is much easier than making a Windows application. That, at least, is the idea.

And slowly but surely, it's catching on. Google announced today that Angry Birds, one of the most popular apps of all time, is coming to the Chrome Web Store as of today. If you're on Chrome, try it out!

Google also announced it's opening the web store globally - it had previously only been open in some countries.

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