Top Brands in the World for Desktop Computers on Sale

Lenovo Idea Centre K320

The Lenovo Idea Centre K320 has a lot of powerful features that allows users to do different jobs at a given time. It can be used to do simple word processing functions, make reports, do personal financial management processes and even do gaming activities. It has an Intel Core i3-530 processor which allows for faster data processing. Its RAM memory is 4 gigabytes. For added speed and performance you can upgrade to 8 gigabytes. This allows you to perform high-speed tasks. This desktop computer is definitely a powerful and versatile machine that can meet a variety of demands.

Sony Vaio VGC-IS 25E

The Sony Vaio VGC-IS 25E integrates all types of digital media. Types of media that is integrated include photo editing and video editing applications. It has a sleek and slim design which is perfect for small desktop spaces. The Vaio comes with an all-in-one configuration which means that all the computer components and software are located in the same case as the monitor screen. It also comes with a high definition tuner and remote control that allows users to get television signals. The computer is equipped with an advanced video card system. This enables users to have an enhanced imaging system. In addition, the Sony Vaio VGC-IS 25E desktop computer has a relatively large hard drive. Vaio users will be able to store large files, such as movie files, image files and other downloads. This is a great world computers sale for consumers.

Gateway SX2311-03

This desktop computer enables users to do different tasks such as word processing, internet surfing, email, games and other computing tasks. It has 4 gigabytes of memory which allows for highspeed performance. This Gateway computer also has a DVD burner, memory card reader, keyboard and mouse. It features a built-in Wi-Fi system so that users can connect to Internet hotspots. This desktop computer comes with a 1 terabyte hard drive. This is very valueable to constant computer uses who use a lot of software applications. The computer also comes with a NVIDIA GeForce 9200 graphics technology. This allows for high quality images to be displayed.

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