Workplace revolution on the horizon, warns analyst firm

Whilst some companies have only just got on board with the whole 'working remotely' gig, one analyst company, 'Gartner', will be announcing its predictions for a future revolution of the workplace that will be happening over the next ten years at a London IT summit next month, V3 reports.

Whilst setting out its radical theories for a future workplace, the company will also be issuing a stark warning to firms to check their IT capability constantly in light of all possible developments and to be aware of managing 'increasingly chaotic environments that are out of their direct control.'

In the future, Gartner claims, workers will have less solo work to do, and will need to take advantage of instantaneous forms of team-working or 'swarming', which will rely on a mix of internal and external worker capability.

'Work will become less routine, characterised by increased volatility, hyper-connectedness', the company predicts. Social networking and acquiring effective market intelligence will be all important: 'to work with new people with unknown skills means that workers must have access to information about them.'

Better start sending out more friend requests on Facebook: these people could be your future employers.

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