Workers would quit if Facebook was banned

No Facebook, no work. According to a new survey many people would consider leaving their jobs if they were denied access to social networking sites at work. 39% of the 1000 people surveyed told the network provider Telindus that they would hand in their notice if internet use was restricted in the office falling mainly in the 18-25 age bracket.

The survey also found that 80% of the office workers questioned use social networking sites at work while over 50% watch videos and download music in the office. Ironically one of the main gripes of the workers surveyed was network slow downs which are usually caused by bandwidth hogging video sites.

While many companies are choosing to ban access sites such as Facebook and YouTube the marketing director of Telindus Mark Hutchinson told Sky that the key is to strike a balance as restricting internet access is not a good way to create a happy work environment.

The survey also illustrates the generational divide in the workplace with only 13% of workers over 25 stating that they would be unhappy if internet access was restricted.

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