Work at Google, nap in style

You've probably heard about all the ways in which giant of the interwebs Google is a great place to work - the free gourmet food, for example, or the fact that you can spend one day a week working on your 'own projects' (this being Google, people don't spend this time messing about on Facebook, they spend it inventing Google Wave).

Sometimes, though, working at Google does actually mean hard work. And late nights. And, when there's a coding emergency - say, when you launch a new product that immediately raises massive privacy concerns and needs to be heavily revised in days - all-nighters.

And that's where these crazy 'sleep pods' come in. Designed to provide a cosy, light-free space for a nap without taking up loads of space, these allow harassed Google coders to catch some Z's without travelling all the way home.

Given those free lunches, we bet they get a bit of use between about 2.30 and 4pm too. We don't know about you, but that's when we're normally ready for a post-lunch doze, and that's just after a sandwich and a packet of crisps.

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