Shed some light on the situation with Woolworths replacement bulbs

There are few things as annoying in the world as having a light bulb blow on you at the most inopportune of times and not having a replacement handy. It seems that bulbs have a mind of their own, often choosing the worst possible time to blow, like just as you're setting down to catch up on some work in the evening, or when you want to read a book in bed.

Despite the fact that we all know it happens, and even know in the back of our heads to expect it at some point, few of us actually go to the trouble of stocking up with spares to cover us for the inevitable failures.

Nowadays you've got absolutely no excuse since huge chain stores like Woolworths have replacement bulbs on offer all the time, often for knock down prices. There are so many different types and styles of light bulbs around these days even knowing which one you need can require major effort.

We recommend you take a day to go through all the rooms in your home, noting the fixture type and wattage of each light bulb. From this list you'll be able to pop in to Woolworths in person and purchase several spare replacements for each bulb that you can store away for safe keeping in preparation of the time that one of your current bulbs finally gives up.

With deals like £4.99 for a two pack of 15w Light Box replacement bulbs, £12.99 for a replacement Table Magnifying Lamp Replacement Bulb and £14.99 for a Twist Portable Lamp replacement bulb you'll be getting the best prices available while ensuring that you'll keep your home ticking over nicely.

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