Woolies follows Tesco with own brand software

Just when you thought Tesco Value Software was where it would end...

Woolies is chasing the supermarket giant up the rear with it's own brand software packages too. The "Woolworths Home Pack" (designed by Formjet, which looks like the very team behind the Tesco offering...) will retail for £17 and features all our best loved applications: word processing (hell yeah!), spreadsheets (loving those spreadsheets) and database management software (yay!).

Obviously also compatible with the regular Microsoft stalwarts like Word, Excel and Access.

Woolworths software buyer Gerry Berkley was quoted on WebUser: “This is not cutting-edge computer technology. This is a simple, easy to use software package that will do everything that most home PC users need." Does what it says on the tin. We like simplicity, it has to be said.

WebTwitcher is interested to see how much take up these basic software packages get...quick survey for Twitcher readers: Tesco or Woolies, Daddy or Chips?


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