Wondering where you can download PSP games?

Are you a PSP gamer dismayed at the drying up of support for your beloved console? With the announcement of the successor to the PSP, Sony's support for the console has waned a little, but there are still plenty of amazing PSP games to download and in this blog we are going to show you how to go about it, and some of the best titles out there.

The Playstation Portable is one of our favourite consoles, and if you connect it to Sony's Playstation Network it becomes twice as good as it opens up a whole library of downloadable games to you. Paying for these games can be done one of two ways. You need to pre-purchase a Playstation Network Card, which come in denominations of both £20 and £50, or else just use your credit card to top up your account with the amount you need for games.

For an idea of all of the games that are up on the Playstation Network, check out the official site at uk.playstation.com/psn. This site lists all of the PSP, PS One Classics, and PSP Minis that are available right now.

When it comes to recommending games that are our favourite, we think you should check out Final Fantasy 7, which many people (including us) regard as perhaps the greatest role playing game of all time. It is available for just £7 pounds from the store, representing a massive bargain for a game that will likely last you at least 60 hours.

Another game well worth checking out is Konami's fantastic Metal Gear Solid, which is available for just £5 from the Playstation store.


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