We find the best deals on the Wolf WP980 generator

These days more and more people are finding themselves getting back into caravan holidays. Not only do they represent excellent value for money, something that's very important given the current economic climate, but they also offer a huge amount of versatility. You don't need to worry about catching flights or booking hotels, instead you can come and go as you please at the dead of your leisure, while visiting some of the most beautiful countryside the United Kingdom has to offer.

However there is one expense that many people overlook, and that's the need for a reliable petrol generator. The last thing you need to do is drive a couple of hundred miles and settle into a campsite only to realise that you've got absolutely no way of powering your caravan.

For that reason, the market for high quality, affordable petrol generators has exploded in recent years. It used to be the case that the only real need for these generators came from the trades industry, but things have most definitely changed in that regard.

Fortunately, the manufacturers of these generators have noticed this change in requirements and have started creating portable generators that are ideal for caravan owners. The prime example of this is the wonderful Wolf WP980 generator.

Coming with a 2 stroke 2HP petrol engine and easy recoil starter, the Wolf WP980 features a maximum run time of almost 6 hours on a full tank. It has a maximum power output of 720W, a 4.5 litre fuel tank capacity and 1 UK 13 amp 230v socket (so make sure you've got a reliable plug board to accompany it!).

You can buy the Wolf WP980 generator online for the knock down price of just £135.49 from Pentagon Direct featuring free delivery anywhere in the United Kingdom.

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