Use HDMI wires to connect a computer to your TV

Reluctant to max out the credit card on that smart TV? That doesn't mean you have to miss out on all that juicy online content. It also does not require a complex network of wires to connect a computer to your TV. There are some simple solutions that can get your TV screen online.

Wired for sound and vision

Most modern flatscreen televisions have a range of inputs that will make it easy to find the right wires to connect your computer to the TV. Older sets may reduce your options, but a little experimentation can still find an effective combination of cables.

Keep it simple

The most elegant and simplest solution is an HDMI cable offering high definition video and sound through a single connection. Modern HD television sets will all have an HDMI input, while the later model PCs, tablets and laptops capable of streaming live TV or video at watchable speeds should offer HDMI output. The right cables can be found in electronics or TV accessory stores or even the larger supermarkets.

For computers that do not offer an HDMI connection, it may be possible to use an adapter that will link the HDMI cable to a DVI port, available on many computers. A DVI connection will require a separate sound channel. Headphone or sound out sockets on a laptop or PC can be connected to the audio input connection on most TVs (usually coloured red and white).

Older TVs and computers may use VGA connectors. Again this method of linking a computer and TV will need a separate cable to carry the audio signal.

A matter of definition

Even when using the right HDMI wires to connect a computer to the TV, the resulting picture may not be as sharp as you are used to. Online streaming TV or movies might not be the same as the usual broadcast quality. Check your internet streaming speeds before blaming the quality of your cables.

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