Setting up your wireless Xbox 360 controller for your PC

Most PC games are far better when they are played with a controller rather than a joystick or keyboard, and today lots of games allow you to use a controller. Setting up your wireless Xbox 360 controller on your PC isn't too difficult if you follow these pretty simple instructions.

Installing the controller

Installing the wireless Xbox 360 controller onto your PC is very easy as long as your PC has an available USB port and it runs Windows XP Service Pack 2 or a later version of the operation system.

Connecting the receiver

Before you install the controller, you'll need to attach the wireless gaming receiver to your PC. This is done through any powered USB 2.0 port. Most USB ports at the front of PCs aren't powered, so you'll probably have to connect it at the back. You'll know it's working because the device's green light will show. The Add New Hardware Wizard will start automatically after this.

Installing the software

At this point, it should install automatically. If not, then you should insert the installation disc into the PC's CD or DVD drive. The installation screen should automatically appear at this point. If it doesn't, go into the drive and run the programme. All you have to do from here is click "install" and the Xbox 360 Accessories Setup programme does the rest. If you don't have the installation disc, you'll find the necessary software online through Microsoft Hardware, the website for the software firm's hardware division who designed the Xbox controller.

Connecting the controller

With everything in place, all you have to do is connect the controller to the wireless receiver. To do this, turn the controller on and then press and hold the guide button. Press the connect button on the receiver to pair them. A green light will flash on the controller and the receiver. When it stops flashing you're ready to use your wireless Xbox 360 controller with your PC.

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