Wireless Speakers - Unshackled fun

We have all been in the situation at some stage where you have to wrestle with an endless tangle of twisted wires around your home or in your bag before you can play that awesome tune for your mate. It is a nightmare and one that causes great distress. Did you know that 4 out of every 5 marriages are broken up over disputes on whether you should turn tangled wires clockwise our counter-clockwise?

Enough of the jokes! Ok so I just made that statistic up but regardless it can be a pain and we have enough stress so music should not be another source.

The best place to find wireless speakers is the Next Tag website.

When I first got my hands on a pair of wireless speakers I was afraid that their would be a loss in quality or worse a time delay between the speakers and my laptop. Not so, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that wireless music can be as high quality as any other kind.

Music stream seamlessly from my laptop to the speakers and if anything the fidelity was better then the set I had owned previous.

Wireless speakers are a great addition to anyone's entertainment setup. Saving time, effort and even sometimes marriages. Even if you are nostalgic for the old ways you can just tie a bit of string between them!

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