Types of Wireless Modems

A wireless modem is an electronic device that connects to a wireless network. The modem is commonly used with a computer to access the internet. A wireless modem enables the user to connect directly to their Internet Service Provider (ISP). A wireless modem allows the user to access the Internet without being directly connected with the use of a cable. The speed of wireless modems can be slower than tapping directly into a modem with a cable. There are various wireless modems that are used on a variety of technologies.

Mobile Phones Access

Cell phones and PDAs are being used frequently as wireless internet access points for consumers around the world. A cell phone is connected to a computer and works as a peripheral modem. The connection is done through a USB or wirelessly with Bluetooth technology. It uses P2P (point-to-point) protocol from service providers to provide wireless internet connectivity to the consumer. Modems need a phone jack system in place for service connection. However, wireless modems reduces the need for plugging an extra cable into the phone jack. A computer should have special software that communicates with the phone. Internet is received through the phone's wireless network.

USB Modems

A USB modem is used on wireless networks to access the Internet. A wireless network operates on microwave frequency. This allows access to a computer network through a USB modem. The size of USB modems is available in small flash drives or huge USB connectivity devices. Most USB modems have data cards. The card is a connectivity interface between the computer and the wireless Internet service provider. The card enables connectivity to the port of a computer. The consumer is thus able to have access to networks because of the data card.

Fax Modems

Fax modems are internally installed on the motherboard of your computer. The fax modem links the power of your computer, printer and your phone line. Documents can be sent directly from the computer using Fax application software. Select the document, enter in a phone number and submit the fax. The document will be transmitted to the receiving phone line.

Analog Modems

Dial-up modems are the traditional method of accessing the Internet through an internet service provider. Dial-up modems are also known as analog. Compared to cable, the service can go as high as 60 kilobits per second. Analog modems use a computer, a phone and connecting cable. When accessing the Internet, the phone cannot be used at the same time.


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