Looking into wireless laptops?

If you're looking at wireless laptops then you already know it's an exciting time! So many things have to be considered though! It's worth arming yourself with information before taking the plunge, so we're here to help guide you with our guide to buying a new laptop!

There are literally thousands of options when it comes time to buy a new laptop, but no matter what the make, there are a number of things that every good laptop should possess if you're to part with your hard-earned cash.

Battery Life - Laptop batteries have come a long way in a short few years! Generally larger laptops will be a bigger drain on resources than smaller ones. You will see this reflected in bigger laptops giving you around three hours, while netbooks will stay strong for anything up to ten hours! A happy medium is your best bet here.

RAM - Random Access Memory, or the muscle of the computer! The larger the RAM, the quicker the laptop will function. as a rule we recommend anything above 2gb, as even in idle mode Windows will eat up quite a lot of that. 4gb is preferable!

Brand - Most laptops will perform perfectly no matter what brand, however, in our own personal experience, Dell's and Sony laptops perform brilliantly. Both come loaded with extras other laptops won't, and Dell's can be ordered directly from their website quite cheaply.

Processor - This is the engine of the computer. Your processor allows the laptop to perform more complex tasks quicker. It also allows you to multi-task by having a number of programs open at once. Once again, the quicker the better! Anything above 1.5ghz is acceptable though!

Cost - It should be perfectly possible to pick up an adequate laptop for less than £400. Anything above that is getting into luxury territory! The price of laptops has fallen so far that £400 is a great threshold to work off if you're thinking of buying!

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