If you're looking for a new wireless label printer we can help

If you work in retail, particularly if you own your own business or are the manager of a store, then you'll definitely know the value of a good, reliable label printer. Thanks to the fact that you'll really need to get out there and label everything in your store accurately and efficiently, having a top quality printer can really save you a lot of time and effort.

Having a wireless printer makes your job even easier, since you can be out and about on the store floor printing off the labels as you need them, rather than needing to run back into the office every 5 minutes to print off new labels.

However, if you have already tried looking for good prices on a wireless label printer, you'll know that some of the solutions available out there come at incredibly high prices.

If you look at the Zebra range of wireless label printers, you'll understand just how expensive these solutions can be. At ebuyer.com you'll find the Zebra Z Series ZM400 203dpi Mono Wireless Label Printer for an astonishing £1041.86 - a price that is actually very cheap when compared to traditional bricks and mortar stores!

If you're currently wondering why the hell anyone would pay that kind of money for a label printer, then you're obviously not familiar with the quality and reliability of the Zebra brand. However if it's beyond your spending capabilities, you could take a look at a different kind of solution.

The Brother P-Touch Label Printer is available on amazon.co.uk for just £27.29, a saving of £11.47. While it's a slightly different solution, it still lets you print out labels on the fly, making it a surprisingly versatile little device for a knock down price!

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