Boost your wireless internet line

Battling to improve your wireless internet line is one of life's great annoyances. However, it's really easy to boost the signal. You just need to know what to do!

Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to help boost the signal easily, and we've laid them all out right here in this blog, so you can get back to surfing the internet in peace.

Position is everything! - The position of your wireless router in your house is massively important. Ideally, you should place it in as central a location as possible, so it as close to other rooms in the house as you can get it. A good place to put your router is your main hallway.

Keep it clear - If at all possible, keep your router up off the floor, and away from walls and metal objects. Metal objects, walls, and floors all interfere with your router's signal strength. So the further you keep it from these obstructions, the better your signal!

Replace your antenna - Most antenna's spread the signal out evenly in a circular pattern. If you keep it near the front of your house, this isn't much use to you, as a lot of the signal will be lost outside. It's possible to buy upgraded antennae that will focus the signal in one direction, into your house.

A rather simple thing to remember is that if you have two laptops on one connection, then obviously the connection is going to suffer as both of you joust for the line. If this is the case, buying a bigger connection could be the answer!

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