Are wireless headphones worth it?

A good pair of headphones are worth their weight in gold! They make the listening experience so much more enjoyable, the only downside is the initial cost. If you're willing to shell out, then you've probably come across some wireless headphones on your travels.

Wireless Headphones are growing in popularity thanks to the convenience they afford the listener. With a pair of wireless headphones you won't have to deal with one of life's greatest mysteries - How do the headphone wires keep getting tangled?

While the lack of wires may be something of a boost, there are a number of drawbacks to your average pair of wireless headphones that it's worth knowing about.

For starters, despite not having wires, you haven't completely lost all the clutter. You'll still have a base unit that will need to be attached to your music player. This unit broadcasts a signal to the headphones.

Another point worth considering is that you'll need batteries for your headphones. Think your mp3 player running out of juice is annoying? Well, your headphones running out of power will be even more annoying!

Most recent wireless headphone releases feature bluetooth technology as their broadcast medium, so you'll also have to consider whether your player is Bluetooth compatible.

Our final point for you to consider is the fact that sound quality from wireless headphones is noticeably worse than their wired counterparts. It is also prone to some interference, something worth considering before you splash out!

Hopefully this blog has made your wireless headphone decision a little easier!


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