Deltenna wireless broadband enabler

Plug and Play

The versatile of the the DeltennaA 3G SIM card can be placed in the Deltenna wireless broadband enabler (WiBE for short). The device, when put in the highest part of the house, such as a loft, will allow a good signal from anything from laptops to smartphones and VoIP phones. Though, they need to be connected to the enabler through either WiFi or Ethernet, to produce a good signal. The versatility, regarding the number of devices the WiBE can be connected to, is, along with the speeds generated, one of its two major plus points.


The Deltenna wireless broadband enabler boasts of being capable of increasing speed right up to 7.2Mbps. Its download speed of 2.8Mbps has already been proven, and also that a consistent 2Mbps is possible for communities that had previously been denied fast broadband access. The WiBE has the capability of providing a 3G signal that has a strength 30 times more than what a mobile broadband dongle can provide. The WiBE delivers a fast speed in areas of the UK where there is a mobile network, but where DSL connections are unavailable.


The WiBE, with its IEEE802.11bgn WiFi router, has several integrated features, including firewall and security. There is Quality of Service support also provided. The Deltenna wireless broadband enabler makes it easy for the majority of users of this device, by not making any need for configuration by the user necessary, as the settings are taken from the local network. Deltenna's antennas, together with algorithms that are aligned, chooses the fastest mobile connection, and hence the broadband speed is increased to an optimum level.

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