Wireless Bluetooth Headset Brands

Bluetooth headsets are able to connect to a Bluetooth-capable mobile phone or personal computer through a wireless connection. It offers great convenience because it allows you to make and receive phone calls while doing other tasks. Additionally it allows users to listen to music with a hands-free capability. Bluetooth headsets usually have a 30 foot range from their paired Bluetooth device. These headsets frequently use Bluetooth platforms or versions 1.1, 1.2 and 2.0. Platform 1.2 has a capability to hide the hardware address over the radio waves to avoid tracking. It also enables Bluetooth headsets to hop from different frequencies, which means that it can effectively change frequencies in order to avoid any interruptions when a particular frequency is used by other wireless devices. Platform 2.0 enables Bluetooth headsets to have a very fast file sharing speed and a higher range of usage.

Wireless Headset Features

All Bluetooth headsets have basic features such as the capability to make, receive and reject phone calls. The sound quality produced is also a vital feature and component of headsets. The leading Bluetooth headset manufacturers have created dual-microphone noise cancellation and wind-noise resistance capabilities to ensure better sound quality. Other Bluetooth headset brands use a bone conduction technology to remove background noise completely. Further advancements in Bluetooth headsets have led to the multi-point technology which allows users to pair or connect up to two different Bluetooth-capable gadgets at a time. For example, you can pair two mobile phones with only one Bluetooth headset at the same time.

Nokia Wireless Headsets

Nokia is one of the leading mobile phone companies. It also manufactures state of the art Bluetooth headsets that have a compact and sleek design, with flexible ear pads for added comfort and convenience. High-end Nokia Bluetooth headset models such as the BH-609 allows the connection of two devices for multiple calls. It also allows users to listen to the time, directions and the received text messages through a voice-activated mechanism. Nokia headsets have a powerful speaker and two-way microphone system to ensure voice clarity. They are also equipped with a wind and noise cancellation feature to achieve high sound quality.

Samsung Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Samsung has created a variety of Bluetooth headsets with a number of features. The high-end models, such as the Samsung WEP870, have an excellent noise reduction and echo cancellation mechanism for a clearer and superb sound quality. Samsung also offers hands-free stereo headsets, such as the Samsung Solstice A887, which have compact and lightweight designs. These hands-free stereo headsets also enables users to do other tasks while making or receiving calls, and listening to music.



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