Go Wireless with Bluetooth Headphones

Listening to your music on the go has never been simple with wireless bluetooth technology being put in headphones to make them ultra portable and light.

No longer feel tied down to your MP3 player or phone. Just power on your wireless bluetooth headphones and they will connect automatically, press play and off you go.

Many wireless bluetooth headphones don't stop there though they double up as remote controls for your music players and even a hands free device for you phone. The controls are usually located comfortably on the band of the device and can be easily accessed with your fingers.

A few years ago these devices would of cost a small fortune but nowadays you can pick up a pair for a very reasonable price. An important consideration is battery life so be sure to check that your headphones of choice will be able to take the strain of keeping you entertained on the go.

Another concern is that there will be delay, lag or broken playback of your favourite tunes. With the arrival of Bluetooth 2.0 this is not the case. The play back is perfect quality and in full stereo.

Major manufacturers of bluetooth devices including Motorola, Nokiaand Sony Ericcson all have their own take on the Wireless Bluetooth Headphone set but more music-orientated companies are starting to develop their own as well now.

If you are a runner, a skier or even someone who just likes to walk the dog in comfort and style, wireless bluetooth headphones are perfect.

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