Wired up for the iPad

Top draw science, technology and business magazine Wired has become the first magazine to really understand how to utilise the iPad’s unique abilities and power as a tablet computer (we first reported on their attempts to sync with the new tablet back in February). The clever bods have managed to re-imagine how a mag should look online in a way that seamlessly integrates the words with the design without prioritising one over the other.

As a fan of the publication, we should say that you’re probably still better off buying the print version, simply because the amount of memory required to download one issue – 544 megabytes – will soon start to clog up your machine’s 64GB if you want to keep issues to re-read. As well as that, it costs $4.99 a ago for each edition (Conde Nast say that despite this 24,000 people have downloaded the first iPad-friendly issue). Whether iTunes will eventually let you delete and then re-download the issues you’ve already paid for is debateable, given that they’re Apple, but should more good things like this come to their latest contraption, hopefully they’ll see sense and start loosening up their restrictions. Fingers crossed, eh?

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