Wired for iPad

If you’re in any way into your gadgets or have a broad but amateurish interest in science, then Wired in pretty much the magazine for you, seeing as it covers all sorts of interesting techy stuff and science in an interesting way that doesn’t scrimp on the bits that make your head hurt a bit. Do yourself a favour and get yourself over to their website too, as it’s very, very good indeed.

At the TED 2010 conference in California Scott Dadich, Wired’s creative director, and Jeremy Clark from Adobe showed off an mock of the iPad version of the tablet version of the website (which you can see below in the handy video), which basically means that you’ll be able to read the site like a magazine: flip through pages, look at double pages spreads and interact with content, including ads.

Details are a bit scarce at the moment (in fact we don’t know which local editions of the magazine will get this treatment at launch), but rest assured you’ll know when we do.

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