Wire up the gaff!

So all this time you have been running the Internet on an old skool line... shame on you! Broadband has been pumped into the home for years now and will drastically improve your internet surfing experience. You can expect much faster speeds for both upload and download. Stream movies instantly, download music, games and films in a matter of minutes. So who should you go with as a first time broadband user? The answer has to be Sky.

Either you already have Sky TV in the home or you are thinking about getting it. Why not bundle in some broadband with it? They do a fantastic service where you will get unlimited Sky talk calls and 20mb broadband plus TV for under £20 a month. 20mb broadband means you can download a movie in about 10mins. Music will come down in seconds and online gaming will run super smooth. You can add any packages to the TV bundle and you don't have to take Sky Talk if it doesn't interest you. If fact, if you don't want TV you can drop that altogether if you wish.

Sky is a great way to get started on broadband, they offer some of the best speeds available and many other things such as TV can be taken as a package.

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