Information about Windows Updates

Windows is one of the most commonly used computer operating systems and is found on personal desktops and laptops across the world. To ensure you are up to date with the latest version, it is important that you use Windows Updates, which provides updates for Windows and its installed components.

Keeping up to date

When you first purchase a computer, you may think that everything you need is built into the system and that no further tinkering is required. However that is not the case, especially if you are connected to the Internet. Even though computers are built to match existing specifications, technology is ever-evolving and it wouldn't be long before an old system became completely obsolete. Windows Updates ensures that your system is as modern as possible, as well as fixing bugs and providing security against new and malicious viruses and software.

Usually accessed through Internet connection, Windows Updates can work in the background while the user continues to use the computer normally and while the service is optional, it is highly recommended to update regularly, to ensure that your computer works at maximum functionality. Updates can vary in size and frequency and usually install automatically upon shutting down the system.

Security updates are routinely provided on the second Tuesday of each month, although urgent updates can come sooner if needed. You can also manually check for updates by going to the official Microsoft website or visiting update.microsoft.com/windowsupdate/v6/thanks.aspx?ln=en&thankspage=5. For further information on Windows Updates, including features, versions and upgrades, visit windowsupdateguide.com.

Protect and improve, automatically

Remember, no matter what you use your computer for, it won't maintain peak performance for long if you don't update the system regularly and you could even be at threat from malicious external sources. Windows Updates comes built into your computer upon purchase, so make sure it's switched on and it will do all of the work for you!

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