Windows Phone 7 comes of age

Windows Phone 7 has finally (well, three months after launch) matured. Is it the fact that there are now over 5,000 apps in its app Marketplace? Is it the new landscape slider option being released soon from HTC? No, it's something much more important.

Windows Phone 7 has a NES emulator!

Yes, as Engadget points out, the first NES emulator is 'an important time in any young OS's life.' The geek brigade will never rest until a new OS has a tool for playing Super Mario 3, but the faster it arrives, the more geeky attention you know your OS is getting. So this is another sign that Microsoft's new baby is getting people excited.

Matt Belcher is the coder responsible for the feat, but there's a downside - Microsoft won't allow the program into Marketplace, so budding Mario-gamers will have to 'sideload' it. But we guess the kind of people who are desperate to play Castlevania on their phone will have no problem with that kind of nerdery.

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