Windows Phone 7 available on every UK network

Our other pick as a phone to choose instead of Apple’s overpriced and inflexible iPhone 4 is the Windows Phone 7. Partly this is a petulant ‘screw you’ to Apple fan boys, who seem to come out in hives if you mention anything to do with Microsoft or Windows, but mostly it’s because they will be available on every UK phone network, which is very handy indeed.

The phone will also be available in the Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4u, and although we would suggest that you don’t bother with either of those places (bad personal experience), it does mean that the phone will have huge amounts of coverage across the country on its release in October. Unfortunately you can’t beat a good marketing campaign, so the iPhone will probably win out. Booooo.

‘This means we can provide network choice and also a range of phones across networks for customers to choose from, all with the power of Windows Phone 7.’

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