Windows own the world

It's been a rocky few years at Microsoft. After Bill Gates stepped down as CEO, the company seemed to lose its way for a while: Windows Vista was a bit of a mess, and proved unpopular, while the company was completely blindsided by the iPhone and let its Windows Mobile software's lead in the market disintegrate.

But in the last couple of years, MS has got its groove back. Windows Phone 7 is a great little operating system, albeit one that hasn't set the market on fire yet; while its desktop cousin, Windows 7, has proven much more popular than its predecessor.

How popular? Well, very. Microsoft casually mentioned last week that it's sold 350 million copies of Windows 7. That's more than one for every person in the United States, or to put it another way, one for every 20 people on earth. If all the copies were put end to end, they'd reach to Saturn. Actually, we just made that last one up, but it seems feasible.

Puts all that hyperventilating about 10 million iPads in perspective, doesn't it? Apple may be winning the future, but by God, Microsoft has a pretty good hold on the present.

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