Windows 7 launched early at a reduced price

Microsoft has launched its Windows 7 operating system in the UK nearly three months ahead of schedule and at a reduced price. The software is not due to hit the shelves in late October and buyers can now pre-order the premium version for £99.99 instead of original the price of £189.99.

The move comes just days after Google announced that it would be releasing its rival product Google Chrome OS for developers later this year and then for the general public in 2010. With Google expected to offer their operating system for free, Microsoft are under pressure to start selling their product.

Pre-ordered copies of Windows 7 will be shipped on 22 October when the operating system will go on sale in the shops. Market analysts IDC predict that over 177 million copies of Microsoft's new operating system will be in use by the end of 2010 generating revenue of over £195 billion.

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