Will Microsoft show off the next version of Windows next week?

We remember the days when new versions of Windows came out every five years or so. But ever since the 6-year development of Windows Vista became a bloated, confused hell and produced a crappy product, Microsoft has learned the virtues of quick iteration. Just two years after Vista launched, along came Windows 7; and now, less than two years on from that, Windows 8 is just months away.

And we may see it very soon. Rumours are afoot, reported on various tech sites and no less a site than Bloomberg's, that Microsoft is going to show off an early version of Windows 8 next week.

To be precise, Microsoft is expected to demonstrate Windows running on a tablet. They've shown off tablets with Windows 7 before, but this tablet is expected to use a newfangled ARM processor - which only the next version of Windows, putatively known as Windows 8, can do.

What we see might look like Windows 7, but it'll be the new version underneath. Or not. You know what rumours are like.

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