Wii white plus sports resort pack and wii fit plus

A Wii in white sports resort pack and wii fit plus for cheap is a big ask. Luckily the Wii has recently dropped in price thanks to the announcement of Nintendo's next mystery project.

What started as rumours are now confirmed by Nintendo themselves, at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo Nintendo will reveal their newest console. This time around they are pushing to release a console that will wipe the current generation of competition off the board. They are claiming huge things so there are a lot of people that can't wait for the reveal.

For these reasons Nintendo's Wii console has started to drop in price. This doesn't mean that they will stop the support for the current console - this is a different venture for Nintendo and they still plan to support the motion controlled platform.

You can get the Wii in White with sports resort and the motion plus for £130 new on Amazon or only £75 second hand (from Amazon and eBay). All you need now is Wii fit plus.

Stay with Amazon for this one - just search for Wii fit plus and you will find the software for under £20. This means that the whole lot new can be yours for only £150, or a used console with all the software can be yours for only £95. Now that is some seriously good savings!

So there you have it, only £150 spent and you are leaving with your Wii white sports resort pack and Wii fit plus.

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