Top 3 Wii stockists in the UK

If you haven't already heard, the Nintendo Wii is more affordable than ever. Rumours of a new Nintendo console (nicknamed "Project Cafe" and due for release some time next year) have sent prices for the original plummeting down to their lowest ever levels. It's not uncommon for Wii stockists in the UK to offer the console for less than £100 - but these three retailers have some fantastic value added offers...

Play - Head on over to Play.com for one of the best deals you'll find anywhere outside of eBay. £119.99 will get you a white Nintendo Wii console, Mario Kart, the Wii wheel, the Wii remote plus and the nunchuk. Play also offer free delivery on all UK orders - which can really make a difference when you're ordering something heavy and bulky like a games console. What's more, they normally dispatch within 24 hours, so you could be up and running in no time!

Amazon -Amazon's Sports package offers a whopping £60 (that's 30%) off the recommended retail price. For £140, you can buy the Wii console plus Wii Sports, a wireless Wii remote and the nunchuk. You can also find brand new Nintendo Wiis for £99 on Amazon Market Place.

Game - The great thing about Game is that you can order online or pop into your nearest retail outlet to check out the best deals on new and pre-owned Wiis. They have two amazing packages for £99: either the black Wii console with Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and the Wii remote plus, or the white Wii console with Mario Kart.

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